Founded in May of 1988, the Marine Survival Training Center (MSTC) at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, was established by the Louisiana Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities.  The construction on the facility began in March of the following year, with the first class being held in June.  Equipment, services and start-up costs were donated by the local community.

Lafayette’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico provides an ideal location for offshore training and for inland water workers.  In addition to survival craft training and underwater helicopter egress training, the center has also expanded to incorporate marine fire safety, as well as many other courses.

Whether you work in the air, over water or offshore, MSTC’s courses provide students with a full nderstanding of operations and best practices, and their state-of-the-art modular egress training simulator gives you the most realistic training available today.


The Maritime Survival Training Center is located at the very end of Perimeter Road in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Primary areas of study include:

  • Aviation/Helicopter
  • Firefighting
  • First aid/CPR
  • Safety
  • Survival
  • OPITO Certified Courses
  • Oil Spill Management and Response

The facility offers the following courses:

  • Basic Safety Training – STCW ‘95 *
  • Personal Survival Techniques *
  • Personal Safety& Social Responsibilities *
  • Basic Firefighting *
  • First Aid/CPR *
  • Basic Aviation Water Survival
  • Basic Survival Craft *
  • Comprehensive Survival Craft/Suit Training (USCG Approved) *
  • Helicopter Landing Officer *
  • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)
  • Incipient Stage Fire Control – 4 Hours *
  • Incipient Stage Fire Control – 8 Hours *
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Craft *
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft
  • Oil Spill Management & Response Training
  • Swing Rope

* Specialized course; needs to be scheduled.

To learn more about the courses, scheduling, tuition, etc., visit the Center’s website here.

Do you want to know more about the Marine Award Program?  Visit our home page for a detailed overview or call us directly at 855-783-2385.  For eligibility requirements, click here.