The Marine Award Program for Seamen (MAPS) is a need and merit-based award program that gives seamen the opportunity to have the cost of their training covered at four facilities either in full or partially, depending on the desired training course.

This award is given by The Young Firm, a maritime law firm dedicated to serving seamen and maritime workers. The award amount will be paid directly to the facility of choice in exchange for the recipient’s access to the course.

The purpose of the program is to enable seamen to advance their careers through training and certification classes.

Seamen will be able to apply for one of 18 awards offered annually. Each of these awards will be for the amount of $1000 or less if the desired course does not exceed $1000. These awards will be offered at the following Louisiana Coast Guard-approved training facilities:

  • Delgado Community College Maritime & Industrial Training Center
  • Falck Safety Services
  • Griff’s Marine Training, Inc. (formerly LaFourche Merchant Marine Training Inc.)
  • Houston Marine Training Services
  • Martin International

The deadline for submissions is dependent on which training semester you are applying for. Nine awards are given each spring and each fall.


  • January 20 
  • March 20 
  • May 20 
  • July 20 
  • September 20 
  • December 20