Founded in 1969, The Ocean Corporation specializes in commercial diving and non-destructive testing career training.

Notable Achievements

  • First commercial bell diver training program in the United States (1972)
  • First operational dives performed inside a US nuclear plant (1973)
  • First dive school to include surface welding as standard part of training (1979)
  • First NDT/Inspection Diver Training Program in the US (1980)
  • First dive school to include HAZMAT/Nuclear diving training (1989)
  • Founded the National Association of Diver Medical Technicians (NADMT)

In 1971, the company expanded their program to include international offshore oilfield diver training, as part of a joint venture with Oceaneering International, Inc.  Then, in 1972, the company bought Oceaneering’s interest and became an independent commercial diver trainer.  That same year, Ocean Corp developed the Diving Operations and Inspection Division and started providing inland and nuclear power plant diving and inspection services.

About the campus

The Ocean Corporation campus sits on 4.2 acres and contains the following facilities:

  • Dive tank training complex
  • Decompression chambers (2)
  • Diving bell plus
  • NDT inspection projects and equipment

* Offshore Survival & Safety done in Galveston, sharing the Marine Sciences Campus with Texas A&M University


The Ocean Corporation is located within 300 miles of a number of major diving and NDT companies on the Gulf Coast.  The company’s Houston facilities have been leased to local dive companies for equipment tests and USCG/ABS inspection certification projects.

Special Offerings

The Ocean Corporation also offers underwater welding and NDT seminars and classes for oil and utility industry clients and local NAUI, PADI, and YMCA diving groups.

Steps to apply

  • Order your free catalog & DVD
  • Fill out pages 31 & 32 in the catalog
  • Include a $100.00 Application Fee
  • Mail forms back to 10840 Rockley Road Houston Texas 77099 or fax to 281-530-9143.

*For more details or financial aid information, please see the admissions link on the company’s website.