Resolve Maritime Academy, LLC is the training arm of Resolve Marine Group, Inc., which was founded to address the safety and emergency response training requirements of the maritime industry.

The Academy is made of up two separate groups:

  1. Fire and Safety – Specializes in shipboard safety, fire, and hazardous materials response training
  2. Simulation – Specializes in bridge safety and navigation training, utilizing a full mission bridge simulator, mini-bridges, and bridge wing.

The Academy is a DNV-certified training center, offering USCG-approved courses, including STCW certification and training to both new and veteran mariners.  The Academy also provides MCA-approved courses, as well as courses that are customized to a client’s specific needs.  Training at the Academy is accepted as equivalent to training delivered in the United Kingdom, and can be used toward the issue of a UK Certificate of Competency.  The Academy’s STCW-95 Basic Safety Training A-V1/1-1 to 1-4 is USCG-approved and is accepted by the MCA.



1600 SE 17 Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


The Academy facilities allow students to use real equipment used by top industry professionals during their coursework.  The facilities include:

  • Real marine salvage and fire-fighting equipment used by top industry professionals
  • Transas Simulation Software
  • Six Bridge Simulators, including one full mission bridge with four mini bridges, a connected bridge wing, and two ECDIS
  • T/V Gray Manatee – A revolutionary 140’ LOA shipboard fire-fighting simulator designed by the Resolve Marine Group staff


The Academy is located conveniently close to several high-quality hotels.  You can find out more on their “lodging” page.

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