Based in Slidell, Louisiana, Maritime Services Group provides an array of services that promote effective team building, safety, quality training and growth.  The company provides companies and mariners nationwide with quality educational training, improved teambuilding leadership, emergency response logistic services and regulatory compliance consulting services.

Students at Maritime Services Group gain practical knowledge and skills that increase their professional competency and can be brought back to their workplace and shared with co-workers and management.  This knowledge they gain assists in promoting a safer, more professional environment to meet and exceed the goals and missions of any organization or company.


Currently, Maritime Services Group offers the following courses:

  • USCG-approved Tankerman Courses including DL, and LG
  • Tankerman Refresher
  • Facility and Dock Operator Courses
  • Inland/River Deckhand Courses
  • First Aid CPR
  • Benzene
  • H2S
  • Various Safety Training, including OSHA Compliance Courses
  • CEMS
  • Apprentice Mate (steersman) on Western Rivers
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Rules of the Road
  • Master 100 Tons (near coastal)
  • Apprentice Mate (steersman)
  • E.D. Training
  • Crossover 200 Ton Master of Towing to Unlimited Ton Master of Towing

For more details, course schedule and pricing, see the company’s course schedule page.

About the Owner and CEO, Tom McWhorter

Tom McWhorter has over 32 years of experience in maritime transportation.  He started out as a deckhand in 1978 on a towing vessel, and through that experience gained the competency and skills to work on his USCG Merchant Mariner Document as a Tankerman and his Master’s License.  Most of Tom’s experience has been in the Inland/River sector, but he has also worked on near coastal and offshore vessels.  Since the 1990s, Tom has primarily held leadership and management roles on the shore side, but he maintains valid USCG credentials.

Tom is recognized as a leader in the industry, and is actively involved with co-op organizations regarding regulatory issues.  He works with federally-appointed advisory committees (i.e., TSAC, MERPAC), donating hours to help to provide the best operational and business practices in the industry for more efficient, safe and effective services.

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