Will You Be One of Them?

According to the Maritime Administration, the value of marine freight will increase by 43% in the United States and 67% internationally by the year 2020.  Concurrently, an increased demand for liquid natural gas and oil will necessitate new skilled mariners and vessels, as well as new terminal infrastructure. “The industry is certainly facing a shortage, with an aging workforce and the need for more U.S. Coast Guard licensed maritime professionals,” said Capt. Mitch Schacter, director of the San Jacinto College maritime program.

William T. McMullen, Ph. D., Head of the Department of Maritime Administration at Texas A&M University, Galveston, asserts, “There is presently a substantial international shortage of maritime professionals at sea and ashore, and shortages will increase as maritime-based economic activity expands.”

But while the demand is high, so is the cost of both training and maintaining certifications and licenses, limiting the growth of the labor pool. Maritime workers need to be both skilled and current with new technology, procedures, and law, and all that training can put a strain on your wallet, particularly in a recovering economy.

The Marine Award Program for Seaman is here to help. This program was established to give mariners the opportunity to get the training they need to land in-demand jobs in a competitive, quickly-evolving industry.

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