Bluewater Maritime School, Inc. has a non-profit mission of providing no-cost training to at-risk youth and economically disadvantaged persons.

Established in 1998, the School began by providing maritime training to professionals already in the industry. Since that time, the School has grown into an institution providing training to the military, private individuals and industry professionals. Bluewater received its non-profit status and adopted the non-profit mission in 2001.

Overseen by the USCG, Bluewater submits all courses to the Coast guard for review, ensuring that each course is compliant with the established requirements and regulations. Instructor credentials also are submitted and evaluated, confirming that they have the licenses, skills, certifications and documents to teach their courses. Additionally, classroom facilities must be approved by the USCG. The School is subject to both regular and unannounced audits by the USCG.

Bluewater is also approved for Veterans training under the Montgomery GI bill, in addition to being approved for rehabilitation training for veterans. The VA conducts routine audits of the School, ensuring compliance.


Bluewater Maritime School offers the following courses/training programs:


Bluewater assists in making sure you get the proper license, including:

  • USCG License
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel License
  • Master of Inspected Vessels

To learn more about the courses, scheduling, tuition, etc., visit the School’s website here.

Do you want to know more about the Marine Award Program? Visit our home page for a detailed overview or call us directly at 855-783-2385. For eligibility requirements, click here.