Located in Houma, Louisiana, Fletcher Technical Community College was originally founded as South Louisiana Trade School in 1948.  The school’s purpose was to provide vocational education to those in an area that was comprised of Lafourche, Terrebonne, Assumption, St. James, and St. Charles parishes.  The college was originally located on St. Charles Street in Houma, and classes opened in July of 1951 under the direction of Harrell P. Willis.

Fletcher Technical Community College’s present-day mission is to offer quality academic and technical programs available to the residents of South Louisiana, with the purpose of preparing those residents for career advancement, employment, and life-long learning.

In the Marine Division, certificates, degrees and diplomas are awarded for the highest level a student completes by his or her exit date.  The associate degrees include a general education component.


Marine Operation

This program provides specialized, USCG-approved instruction and practical applications to prepare individuals to acquire the licenses, documents, and endorsements issued by the USCG and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  These documents and credentials are requirements for nearly all jobs in the marine operations field.

Nautical Science

This program readies students for advancement or employment in the booming maritime industry.  The program is intended for students with prior maritime experience and/or licensing, and it includes a certificate or degree option.  Those who graduate from the program can successfully discuss, demonstrate, and apply the specialized competencies required by the USCG and the industry – fulfilling the requirements that are necessary for success as a maritime worker.

Exit Level Diplomas for the Marine Division

  • TCA = Technical Competency Area Certificate

A course, or series of courses (1-12 hours) within a specific technical competency

  • CTS = Certificate of Technical Studies

Applied technical program (21-33 hours) combining several TCA’s.

  • TD = Technical Diploma

Applied technical degree program (45-60 hours) combining several CTS’s and/or TCA’s.

  • AAS = Associate of Applied Science Degree

An applied/academic degree program (60-72 hours) that prepares students for immediate employment or career.

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